The Model Railcast Show #222 Bernie On The Waterfront (Dave’s not here)

Bernie joins us to talk about his new book “Waterfront Terminals And Operations”, we cover a lot and yet there’s so much more in his book!

Crew Lounge- Craig and Tim got nuttin’ … but Bernie does! Updates on his Aquia Line, and POLA Op Session

Roundhouse 1

-Intro to the book and concept
-Brief History
-Break Bulk
-Grain Transport

Branchline: Bernie talks about the movers and unloaders of the cargo world; Cranes, Barneys, Hullet Unloaders, etc.

Roundhouse 2

-Car Floats
-POLA (Port of LA)
-Building Ships

End Notes: Bernie talks about some of the parts you can get from Alkem and gives hints to his next book

1hr 38mn

The Model Railcast Show #221 The Nth Degree with Toni Ryan

Toni joins Craig and Tim to talk about his track laying and building in N scale- and more!

Crew Updates: Craig and Tim

Roundhouse: Toni discusses:

-N Scale Free Mo
-Laying N Scale Track
-N Scale Tolerances
-N Scale State of the Union
-Handlaying Turnouts in N

Check out his Youtube Channel!


The Model Railcast Show #220 Klaiss as in Nice


Ron Klaiss joins Craig Bisgeier and Timothy Harrison to talk about his Narrow Gauge Layout under construction, mountain scenery, trees, and more!

Intro- Time and Craig give their updates


Introducing Ron and his RR
-modeling using unique rock forms
-doing LOTS of trees
-joining the NMRA
-getting the youth involved

The Model Railcast Show #219 Planning for Passengers! -with Bob Sprague

Crew Lounge:

-Tim’s PRSL layout update
-Bob updates us on the MARPM

Roundhouse: Bob talks planning for passengers

-chosing a prototype
-Utilizing Armstrong’s book
-Planning your radii
-Understanding all that passenger trains do
-Planning for stations


The Model Railcast Show #218 “G4 In The House!” Part1

John Gardiner IV joins us on the show after so four years since he did some producing for Ryanb Andersen

-The “Silent” Years

-John re-enters the Hobby

-Mistakes learned from

-Important Goals and Standards

Also check out John’s own podcast “A Beginners Guide to Model Railroading” on iTunes!


The Model Railcast Show #216 The Berninator and Malvern

With Bernie Kempinski, Craig Bisgeier, and Rob Hinkle

Crew Lounge- updates with Tim and Bernie

Talking Terminals with Bernie, modeling a break bulk terminal may be easier.
Observations about the terminals and Bernie’s new book
Tim’s trip to Bernie’s
Forced Perspective and how and where to use it
Parting thoughts

Afterward: Craig and Rob join us to give updates and talk a little about the Malvern RPM

MRCS #214 “Happy Little Pan Pastels” with Dave Emery

Dave Emery joins us to discuss the merits of Pan Pastels.

Crew Lounge- we discuss our updates: Dave continues work on a roundhouse after a successful completion of two projects, Craig had a solid open house experience, and Tim starts on the Pavonia East Ladder.

Roundhouse 1 Dave goes over a description on Pan Pastels and their merits.

Branchline- Green Windows and White houses, why?

Roundhouse 2 Dave continues showing how pan pastels can be applied to rolling stock and structures.

Shownotes and pics in the comments below!


The Model Railcast Show 213 The Show About Shows


We will get Dave Emery on soon- I promise! But we had a few shows that we wanted to talk about and decided to make that into a show; admittedly we’re borrowing from Model Rail Radio as we host several guests: Jim Gore, Jim Lincoln, Mike Slater, and Ron Klaiss! Hope you enjoy our banter!

MRCS Show #212 Here to There and Operation Christmas Train

And we’re back! Craig makes his triumphal return to the MRCS with exciting new software in hand that can revolutionize the way you’re running your model railroad. Also For out Branchline Dustin Fisher of “Operation Christmas Train” Joins us to talk about his exciting new organization that reaches out to kids in need of a classic and fun Christmas.