MRCS Show #210 The Rose Knows: Op Special with Mike Rose; and Lawrence & Order SWU (Safe Wiring Unit) – with Larry Eggering

Intro- Craig and Tim give their updates:
-special thanks to Robert Masterson
-Craig covers the Springfield Meet

Roundhouse 1 Op Session Special #1 The Rose Knows
Mike Rose is our first guest in this series which will feature different guests sharing their knowledge on some crucial how-to’s of hosting an op session

Roundhouse 2: Lawrence & Order SWU
Lawrence Eggering relays some vital information on wiring and safety

Closing- Look for Bernie Kempinski’s New Book, and John Losh II’s new Podcast

2:17:00 +

The Model Railcast Show #209 Tragedy, and Stories of Remembering the Rails

With Jim Lincoln and Ramon Rhodes

Just as we were about to release this show the tragedy of Amtrak 188 occurred; as it didn’t seem right to proceed as normal, we wanted to acknowledge this event and discuss the threadbare details- even though at this time much remains to be determined. In any case I was able to quickly grab Jim Lincoln on the fly and get his thoughts on the matter and related issues. Our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go out to all. I will update the notes asap.

In the main part of our show we are joined by Ramon Rhodes as he goes into all out story mode, giving us a vibrant view of his childhood and trains both model and prototype. In the middle is a branchline with Ramon where we shoot the breeze a little and talk about Ramon’s ideal layout.

Here’s the mp3 download link from our archive, copy and paste in the address bar if the hyperlink doesnt work:

The Model Railcast Show #208: Fifty Shades of Bernie

Bernie Kempinski joined up with me on a crazy week to record a show; Craig shall return for 209.

Crew Lounge- Tim gives a quick update


-Bernie’s Book “Model Railroads Go to War”
-The railroad’s contribution over time to war
-popular misconceptions
-Bernie destroys his whole layout- only really part of it
-plans for new marine terminal
-convergence of old and new
-sidebar on frogs: to power or not
-keep alives


Model Railcast Show 207 Architecture and Urban Model Railroading

With Jonathan Jones

Updates from the gang

Roundhouse 1 with Jonathan Jones

-Jonathan’s background and hobby introduction

-a peak at his current layout

-Urban modeling

-Applying 3 lessons of using architecture and land forms to plan your layout

Classic Chuckle Coupler ~ Tim “marries” the GG1

Roundhouse 2 with Jonathan Jones con’t

-more discussion with Urban centered railroding

-getting the era right, definitions of an era

1 hour 20 minutes

The Model Railcast Show #206 How to Plan Your Model Railroad- with Bob Sprague

Bob joins us to discuss his methods for designing Model Railroads. We discuss:

-Planning your layout around your isles
-The merits of designing with a prototype in mind (if that’s your thing)
-Design principles and tools including this link to Bob’s website¬†!track-planning-tools/c1l71
We also have a branchline piece with Tom Jacobs as he discusses a custom run of hoppers and decals that he had to make for his model railroad