MRCS #214 “Happy Little Pan Pastels” with Dave Emery Dave Emery joins us to discuss the merits of Pan Pastels. Crew Lounge- we discuss our updates: Dave continues work on a roundhouse after a successful completion of two projects, Craig had a solid open house experience, and Tim starts on the Pavonia East Ladder. Roundhouse 1 Dave goes over a description on Pan […]

The Model Railcast Show 213 The Show About Shows   We will get Dave Emery on soon- I promise! But we had a few shows that we wanted to talk about and decided to make that into a show; admittedly we’re borrowing from Model Rail Radio as we host several guests: Jim Gore, Jim Lincoln, Mike Slater, and Ron Klaiss! Hope you enjoy […]

MRCS Show #212 Here to There and Operation Christmas Train And we’re back! Craig makes his triumphal return to the MRCS with exciting new software in hand that can revolutionize the way you’re running your model railroad. Also For out Branchline Dustin Fisher of “Operation Christmas Train” Joins us to talk about his exciting new organization that reaches out to kids in need of […]

Ops2 “Best Shot”: Seth Neumann & It’s a Wonderful Modelers Life: Lionel Strang, Jim Rindt & Bruce Wilson In this show 211, which was spun off from the planned 211 because of size, we get to talk to Seth Neumann as he answers our questions about how to have a successful op session; I’ll have some links to post ASAP. Seth talks to us about the upcoming NMRA and as a former […]

MRCS Show #210 The Rose Knows: Op Special with Mike Rose; and Lawrence & Order SWU (Safe Wiring Unit) – with Larry Eggering Intro- Craig and Tim give their updates: -special thanks to Robert Masterson -Craig covers the Springfield Meet Roundhouse 1 Op Session Special #1 The Rose Knows Mike Rose is our first guest in this series which will feature different guests sharing their knowledge on some crucial how-to’s of hosting an op session Roundhouse 2: […]

The Model Railcast Show #209 Tragedy, and Stories of Remembering the Rails With Jim Lincoln and Ramon Rhodes Just as we were about to release this show the tragedy of Amtrak 188 occurred; as it didn’t seem right to proceed as normal, we wanted to acknowledge this event and discuss the threadbare details- even though at this time much remains to be determined. In any case […]

The Model Railcast Show #208: Fifty Shades of Bernie Bernie Kempinski joined up with me on a crazy week to record a show; Craig shall return for 209. Crew Lounge- Tim gives a quick update Roundhouse -Bernie’s Book “Model Railroads Go to War” -The railroad’s contribution over time to war -popular misconceptions -Bernie destroys his whole layout- only really part of it -plans […]

Model Railcast Show 207 Architecture and Urban Model Railroading With Jonathan Jones Updates from the gang Roundhouse 1 with Jonathan Jones -Jonathan’s background and hobby introduction -a peak at his current layout -Urban modeling -Applying 3 lessons of using architecture and land forms to plan your layout Classic Chuckle Coupler ~ Tim “marries” the GG1 Roundhouse 2 with Jonathan Jones con’t -more discussion […]

The Model Railcast Show #206 How to Plan Your Model Railroad- with Bob Sprague Bob joins us to discuss his methods for designing Model Railroads. We discuss: -Planning your layout around your isles -The merits of designing with a prototype in mind (if that’s your thing) -Design principles and tools including this link to Bob’s website¬†!track-planning-tools/c1l71 We also have a branchline piece with Tom Jacobs as he discusses […]