The Model Railcast Show #222 Bernie On The Waterfront (Dave’s not here)

Bernie joins us to talk about his new book “Waterfront Terminals And Operations”, we cover a lot and yet there’s so much more in his book!

Crew Lounge- Craig and Tim got nuttin’ … but Bernie does! Updates on his Aquia Line, and POLA Op Session

Roundhouse 1

-Intro to the book and concept
-Brief History
-Break Bulk
-Grain Transport

Branchline: Bernie talks about the movers and unloaders of the cargo world; Cranes, Barneys, Hullet Unloaders, etc.

Roundhouse 2

-Car Floats
-POLA (Port of LA)
-Building Ships

End Notes: Bernie talks about some of the parts you can get from Alkem and gives hints to his next book

1hr 38mn

The Model Railcast Show #221 The Nth Degree with Toni Ryan

Toni joins Craig and Tim to talk about his track laying and building in N scale- and more!

Crew Updates: Craig and Tim

Roundhouse: Toni discusses:

-N Scale Free Mo
-Laying N Scale Track
-N Scale Tolerances
-N Scale State of the Union
-Handlaying Turnouts in N

Check out his Youtube Channel!


The Model Railcast Show #220 Klaiss as in Nice


Ron Klaiss joins Craig Bisgeier and Timothy Harrison to talk about his Narrow Gauge Layout under construction, mountain scenery, trees, and more!

Intro- Time and Craig give their updates


Introducing Ron and his RR
-modeling using unique rock forms
-doing LOTS of trees
-joining the NMRA
-getting the youth involved

The Model Railcast Show #219 Planning for Passengers! -with Bob Sprague

Crew Lounge:

-Tim’s PRSL layout update
-Bob updates us on the MARPM

Roundhouse: Bob talks planning for passengers

-chosing a prototype
-Utilizing Armstrong’s book
-Planning your radii
-Understanding all that passenger trains do
-Planning for stations


The Model Railcast Show #218 “G4 In The House!” Part1

John Gardiner IV joins us on the show after so four years since he did some producing for Ryanb Andersen

-The “Silent” Years

-John re-enters the Hobby

-Mistakes learned from

-Important Goals and Standards

Also check out John’s own podcast “A Beginners Guide to Model Railroading” on iTunes!


Model Railcast Show 217 “95 Percent There” -with Jim Lincoln

We get caught up with Jim Lincoln and all his projects- of which the featured for the roundhouse is a new proto 48 module inspired by observing an o scale modular layout.

Jim goes through the history, his planning, and challenges of building this new project. Please use links in comment section.

1:18:00 long