The Model Railcast Show #209 Tragedy, and Stories of Remembering the Rails

With Jim Lincoln and Ramon Rhodes

Just as we were about to release this show the tragedy of Amtrak 188 occurred; as it didn’t seem right to proceed as normal, we wanted to acknowledge this event and discuss the threadbare details- even though at this time much remains to be determined. In any case I was able to quickly grab Jim Lincoln on the fly and get his thoughts on the matter and related issues. Our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go out to all. I will update the notes asap.

In the main part of our show we are joined by Ramon Rhodes as he goes into all out story mode, giving us a vibrant view of his childhood and trains both model and prototype. In the middle is a branchline with Ramon where we shoot the breeze a little and talk about Ramon’s ideal layout.

Here’s the mp3 download link from our archive, copy and paste in the address bar if the hyperlink doesnt work:

4 replies on “The Model Railcast Show #209 Tragedy, and Stories of Remembering the Rails”

  1. Need to add a link for direct download of the MP3 for those of us who are not i-device friendly. I can play it in the browser, but cannot find a link to save the file to my phone.

  2. Great show. The idea of a show about Craig’s data base is great idea. The sooner the better. And thanks again for keepering Ryan’s dream alive.

    1. Thanks for the feedback RL! I cannot wait for Craig’s work to come out. And absolutely our pleasure to keep the R-man’s dream going.

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