Ops2 “Best Shot”: Seth Neumann & It’s a Wonderful Modelers Life: Lionel Strang, Jim Rindt & Bruce Wilson

In this show 211, which was spun off from the planned 211 because of size, we get to talk to Seth Neumann as he answers our questions about how to have a successful op session; I’ll have some links to post ASAP. Seth talks to us about the upcoming NMRA and as a former OPSIG director is uniquely qualified to talk about ops with us.

Then we lighten up and settle into a lively, fun, and enlightening conversation with and about the smash hit podcast “A Modelers Life” as we are joined by its triumvirate of hosts: Lionel Strang, Jim Rindt, and Bruce Wilson. I thought I’d interview them and they also ended up interviewing me. In the end it demonstrates what the AML network is about as you find out some things about us that you might not have known before.

To download direct right click on the media player above and hit “save as” or if that doesn’t work go to archive.org and search mrcs0211.